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One of the most important and rewarding tasks God has assigned to parents is to raise their children in the Christian faith (Psa 78:1-4; Prov 1:8-19; 3:1-12; 22:6; 23:15-28; Mal 2:15; Mat 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16; Luke 18:15-17; Eph 6:4; 1 Tim 3:4-5).  Since the father is the head of the home, he must take the primary role in this.   Parents can do this by having weekly family devotionals (prayer and Bible study), praying together at mealtimes and bedtime, bringing children to church meetings etc.

Below are Bibles and links that we believe will help you raise your children in the Lord.  These Bibles should be available from Koorong or Word Christian bookshops.


The Beginner's Bible

Visit the publisher's site for more information about this Bible.





ESV Children's Bible

We recommend the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible because it is a literal translation of the Bible.  Visit the publisher's site for more information about this Bible.



Below are several links which your children may find helpful in learning more about the Christian faith, and may help you as a parent to to raise your children in the Lord.   Many of these links also contain child-appropriate games and activities.  (Listing links to these sites does not indicate our automatic agreement with everything they publish, but we would agree with the majority of each site's contents.)



Bible For Children

The Bible in many differnet languages, with Bible stories, activities etc.

Clubhouse Magazine

Games, videos, movie reviews etc.  A ministry of Focus on the Family.


Creation For Kids

Answers to the Creation-Evolution debate for children.  A ministry of Creation Ministries International.


God's Family

An explanation of the gospel.

Gospel Champs

An explanation of the gospel, games etc.


Keys For Kids Radio

Listen to Christian radio programs online.

Jesus and Kidz

Bible stories, coloring pages, quizzes, activities, songs etc.

Jesus Video

Watch "The Story of Jesus for Children" in many languages.

Kid Explorers

Bible lessons, activities, games, movie reviews, Q&A etc.

Kids 4 Truth

Bible story videos, coloring pages, devotionals, Q&A etc.


Kids Answers

Answers to the Creation-Evolution debate for children.  A ministry of Answers In Genesis.


Bible story videos, devotionals, games, Q&A etc.

The Beginner's Bible

Activities and games for young children.



The Bridge To Life Animated

An explanation of the gospel (on YouTube).


Activities, games and stories.